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49 and not out........

So today is my 49th birthday, the gateway year to the big 50 and I’ve decided it was time to publish a blog, thing is I’m not completely sure I know what a blog is or should be. It could just turn out to be the ramblings of a middle age man, however I hope some of those ramblings are entertaining and make good reading, time will tell!

So what is Don’t Poke the Bear, well it’s not about bears for a start, I’m not a bear, well not in the physical sense and not in a gay bear way, although I do nurture that look very well, its a blog about a middle age man turning 49 and reflecting on life and what the 365 days ahead of him looks like before he turns 50. It’s not a list of 50 things before I turn 50, although there will be lists because who dosent love a good list, there will be things to tick off but I've not decided what they are yet. There will be challenges that sometimes include the number 49 in some way and I may even ask to be challenged occasionally and get some of your ideas.

I love a good read so as a starter I have decided there will be 49 books to read and I will talk more about that in the next blog and tell you where that starts. I will ask you to indulge me in my passions of which there are a few, adventure, running, travelling and being outdoors to name a some.

I guess an introduction is in order, so I’m the Bear in the title (kind off) not my real name but it will do for now, I am the one who just turned 49, I’m fairly ordinary as it goes, I hold down a senior position in a large charity, I’m married with two grown up daughters, and blah blah blah I’m sure your not that interested in all that, well not just yet anyway.

What are we doing here, well we are going on a journey and your all invited to come along, as of yet there’s no set destination but we are going to have an adventure! Well at least I’m going to share my adventures with you, past, present and future, so as someone once said buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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Stephen Green
Stephen Green
Mar 09, 2021

Looking forward to see what the next year has ahead Bear

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